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This is naturally a very common question – well – natural to the mind, anyway, that always wants proof and of course that will never happen.
Only a false teacher will claim that they are the right teacher, and only a great teacher will never claim that they are, as they already know that the Truest teaching is beyond mind, beyond ‘person’.
Since the only True Teacher is discerned by looking within, all ‘outer ‘ teachers including myself, will seem to contradict each other sometimes and even contradict themselves, because it is only guidance and pointers that can ever be provided by teachers. And, there aren’t even any ‘outer teachers’ since everything is your teacher and is within consciousness. There is only seemingly the teacher you have chosen at this moment, whether it be person, dog, cat or the wind in the trees.

So, we must look within – at what we are – and all questions dissolve in that place.
Since there is no ‘you’ , but only a falsely constructed sense of identity made up of thoughts and feelings masquerading as ‘you’ there is never a person who is doing the looking. The ‘looker’ can only be awareness seeking Itself.

In taking the time to be quiet, to ‘ look’ , don’t get hung up by the word ‘practice’ . I use to, and I can tell you that worrying about whether something is a ‘ practice or not a ‘ practice’ or caring either way, just creates a block to looking and therefor ever seeing. And what there is to see is both what you ARE and what you ARE NOT.
Looking is the most natural, most simple, organic thing to do, because all that is meant by ‘looking’ or ‘looking within’ is just noticing – noticing thoughts, words, feelings actions, sounds, sights etc. THERE IS NO ME, WHO is noticing,there only IS pure consciousness, conscious of it’s Source.

The ‘I’ of my True Being only looks, sees and listens to Itself. It cannot be pointed to – it can only be looked AT.

Looking at what you actually are is the only direct, immediate way to SEE what you are. In doing so, the ‘I’ is fully, consciously present with Itself. If you don’t look, you cannot see. Simple as that. One way the mind tries to keep ‘you’ – (Awareness)- from looking at itself, is by trickery; by saying: ‘ oh it’s a practice -don’t do it’.
But there is no practice-ER anyway!
Eventually, any feeling that there is a look-er, vanishes, and all there is, IS the Seen.”

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