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About ‘Ups & Downs’

photo1Next time you are having a ‘down’, just ask the question to yourself : ‘Even though there’s a heavier vibration here just now, is it deeply ok?’
Through increasingly asking that question whenever you notice ‘downs’ , you’ll find that they disappear faster and faster till you notice if that’s what is THERE right now, then it’s perfect. No need to worry or do anything about it. When that becomes deeply true for you, dark feelings will have absolutely no significance, and can’t possibly last,
(unless of course you add THOUGHTS to the feelings – this is what would trap you.) But as long as you don’t add thought, soon there will be no perception of ‘ups & downs’ – just the awareness of flow. And you can simply be just like water. When you watch water in a stream encountering a rock or stone, it just flows around it. Neither the rock nor the stone seek to part company from each other – it’s not possible anyway. The rock has no interest in obstructing the flow of the water and the water does not have any interest in pushing the stone out of the way. It’s not personal! Also, because the water is un-interfered with, it naturally gives way to the rock, surrendering it’s course and then the water and the rock just touch for a moment.
In the life of a river or stream, rocks and water are continuously interacting, neither is a problem. Each enhances the other through constant renewal (it’s always FRESH water) and there are always slight but multitudinous variations to the flow and course of the stream, as weather and water naturally cause all the rocks, stones and pebbles to gently move about over time.
Nature is one deep YES to whatever is happening.
Hearing the Truth from a teacher, book, video or Retreat etc is just the same. If what you read or hear touches you, it will probably do so just for the moment that you are engaging with it – then you’ll forget it. Because you’ll be on to something else! But that doesn’t matter at all, because the teaching you receive is always just for you and just for this moment. However, if it’s message has truly resonated, that means that you and the Truth are in complete alignment with each other just at that precise time and although you may not remember the words later, it will have been absorbed and fully embodied.
But you may have decided to write it down, but when you return to it, the moment has gone and does not affect you as deeply in the same way. Just like the water. It doesn’t hold on – it just flows. Be like that. Don’t hold on to even the ‘best’ teachings – OR the saddest feelings. There are really no ‘ups & downs’ there’s just a natural pattern of ‘alive-ing’ – just flow”

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photo1aAlthough Truth is nearer and more intimate than the end of our nose,
Our conditioning ensures the door to seeing IT is tightly closed.
Yet the Light we seek is always Present at both ends of the Tunnel
But to see it, we need to tear away the false, using Direct Experience as our funnel.
We start by filtering out the appearance from the Real
Until the intimacy between you and tree, cup or table is something you can feel
Until it’s real-ised there is no ‘you’ to interfere or get between.
Because when opinion,and description is dropped, it’s clearly seen:
Just me AS trees, me AS cups, me AS tables,
In total relationship with everything, when empty of labels
Do you SEE?
For instance, every time we name or exclaim the beauty of a flower.
There is now a ‘you’ (the exclaimer) AND the flower!
Instead, be an EX- claimer – not an exclaimer!
Without all descriptions, judgements, comparisons and names,
What remains?
Just the pure flowering of the flower.
And here-in, lies the ultimate Power.
I AM flower-ing. I am experiencing blooming and petal-ing-ness
I am feeling my leaves blowing
I am the river flowing
It is I, fully in flight, petal-ing – leaf-ing, people-ing.

When we drop the assessment and all our investment,
And beliefs and ideas about all of appearance,
The obstacles are removed that block our pure experience
Such as all resistance and false ideas of distance.

When INTEREST in the commentary is truly diminishing
It’s a sign that our sense of duality is finishing
When life-in-this-moment-now is all that is prominent
Then interest in thinking is no longer dominant.
There will never be an end to thought
Simply, that we are no longer caught. (Mandi Solk)

Now, if there is joy in the reading of this, then what exactly IS that joy?
Is the real joy coming from opinion about the poem?
As in like or dislike? Good or bad? Well or poorly written?
Or is the joy more intimate than that? Directly experienced as a resonance, which feels like expansion? If that is the case, do you see that the first (opinion) is an interference with the direct experience of the joy? But that the latter, is in the resonating with the poem, and is purely joyful, unadulterated, pure expansion? Do you see, that when left alone, without comment, the direct experience of the Poem is completely intimate? The deep, resonant joy of relationship, of One-ness, is present because you are BEING everything, that IT is expressing. No ‘you and it’ – no duality here.
And the same can be said, if you disliked the poem! Your direct experience would be one of contraction instead of expansion. No ‘you’ making comment such as disliking – just contraction.

“When INTEREST in the commentary is truly diminishing
It’s a sign that our sense of duality is finishing
When life-in-this-moment-now is all that is prominent
Then interest in thinking is no longer dominant.
There will never be an end to thought
Simply, that we are no longer caught.” M.Solk

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