Self Enquiry

When people start ‘Self-Enquiring’, they can find themselves tangled back up in the mind by getting themselves confused with all the different types of questions various teachers, (including myself), have guided them to use.

Questions such as: ‘ I AM’ or ‘ Who am I?’ & ‘ To whom are these thoughts arising? Or ‘ ‘Who is the thinker?’ etc.

These are all great questions , but if you try and think of them all at once then confusion sets in and a busy mind. This of course defeats the whole object of enquiring.

Basically, keep quiet and when a thought arises, just see if an enquiry question naturally appears and go with that. The result should be immediate and lead straight back to spaciousness, and this is the CRUCIAL thing. If the question you’ve asked DOESN’T lead back to spaciousness, but instead leads to another thought – then drop it immediately and just keep quiet. Eventually, this will lead to an automatic dropping of thoughts, and the magnetic pull of all the stories are seen through before they have a chance to ‘bite’ and take hold. This is assured.

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