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Some years ago I started to see Halos above people’s heads. They appear as strange, fantastic and incredibly sophisticated & elaborate head-dresses.

They are all so very different and as unique as fingerprints. And when I look at them I see something that I can only describe as ‘holy’ because I truly see the person in their utter magnificence and innocence. The love I feel for them is indescribable and almost inhuman (in a good way!) it doesn’t feel like a psychic experience at all, but something deeply Spiritual and sacred – as if God is looking at His own beloved child, in every case.

And when people come to see me and have their halos gazed at for half an hour or so, they report feeling very deeply loved and peaceful. And I witness innocent beatific smiles on their faces. It’s as if when their Halo is observed for a time, a ‘reset’ button gets pressed and all their past ‘sins’ (or whatever they perceive as sins) are absolved.
I think it’s because, as the Bible says: The Father has looked at his son in whom he is well pleased’. And when they are properly ‘seen’ , their true goodness surfaces, and this allows them to not only accept themselves fully, but to feel a deep sense of love for themselves.

I find it a huge privilege to gaze at people’s Divine, Magnificent Halos. When you have your Halo gazed upon then you are seen in all your blessed purity and innocence by Love itself, and believe me when I say that you are indeed the beloved son or daughter ‘in whom your Father is well pleased’.
You are not only deeply approved of, but to be profoundly congratulated for simply being who you are.

The end of varicose veins!


Firstly I gaze just above the person’s head for about 20 – 30 mins while they sit in Meditation, or just relax or fall asleep. In this ‘gazing’ something utterly profound and transformational occurs: an awesome wave of Love flows through me and beyond me to the sitter. It takes me over and I absolutely know God, Love, is present, AMPLIFIED and that ‘IT’ is what has taken over and is doing the observing – the ‘appreciating’. This causes a profound peace to the receiver. And then, when the Halo has become clear in both shapes and colours, then I start to draw it so that I can email it to the ‘Halo-ee’ or I can print it out for them. The point is that then they receive a copy that they can look at.

imageThen I advise them: “Please gaze upon your holy Halos – absorb them into yourself deeply. Become very aware as you are moving around, either alone or amongst people, that you have these on your heads. Walk around in your Regal, perfect, innocent and MIGHTY Self-hood. If you do, you will radiate a Light so pure and bright, that people with loving natures will be attracted to you, and your enemies will be burned by it’s intensity. But you will cease to see anyone as your enemy – just sad souls in need of recognising their own Light. Only wish it for them, and you’ll naturally rise above any tendency for revenge.

The entire purpose of having your halo gazed at, seen and drawn is just so you ‘take it on board’ – you take it with you in your AWARENESS – you LIVE it, and more than that, you live UP to it. That is in fact your only purpose: to SHINE. Now you have an image of your True shining Being to remind you of your utter beauty and divine intelligence. You are pristine – reborn, re-booted and restored to the glory that you never left. Knowing that you hold this precious gift, helps you become aware that EVERYONE has their own unique, Divine, beautiful aspect, although they go around in ignorance of it. But you can know this for them, because now you know it for yourself.

I can only offer you only the merest glimpse of what is really there in your Halo, because it is in fact more awesome and magnificent than any artist could ever draw with earthly materials, let alone me who is ‘not a proper artist’. Also, there could never be a canvas large enough to show to you, accurately, your own ‘largesse’ – to fit you in, basically!
So my beautiful ones, I fell hopelessly in love with each one of you. How could I not when I saw who you really are?

You know, if people really like us and compliment and say nice things to us, we have this terrible tendency to think to ourselves: ‘yes, but they don’t know what I’m REALLY like underneath – if they did, they wouldn’t like me at all’.
But once you’ve had your True Divine Self portrayed and reflected back to you, you can never think that to yourself ever again can you? No! Because now you really do know what you ARE like underneath and it your TREASURE, so that is the only thing people could find out about you – if you let them. So WEAR YOUR HALO WITH PRIDE! And watch what unfolds. MIRACLES, I assure you!”



Everyone (not just Angels) have Halos. They are all as different and unique as fingerprints and they look like magnificent headdresses. I see them and they tell me a lot about a person which can be helpful to them.
Also, I create a picture of the Halo for them take home or save to their PC via email.
The benefits:
1.) When you sit with eyes closed and have your halo gazed at for you can experience a profound and deep sense of peace and love that can cause a deep transformational shift.
2.) You may receive divine wisdom regarding your path and purpose in life.

3.) Channelling, mediumship and intuitive clairvoyant guidance may spontaneously occur during a session. Love brings about whatever is called for in these situations.

A Halo-Gazing session lasts approx. 90 mins and costs £55 and take place at Mandi’s home in Huddersfield. I can also draw your Halo over Skype if you can’t get to me. This costs a little bit extra: £65, mainly to cover Paypal costs and the fact that it takes more energy!

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