photo1bThe true meaning of Ho’Oponopono is to ‘make right’ or literally translated ‘ to make right right’.
It is an absolutely magical and wholly effective method of inner-forgiveness and Love so intense, that it’s ability to change everything in one’s immediate experience is often described as ‘miraculous’. It makes the Truth of Nonduality so much easier to grasp or ‘witness’. One can see clearly that there is nothing outside of ‘you’ – outside of your experience.
From the very beginning since I have been ‘making Ho’Oponopono’, I have definitely experienced countless Miracles for myself (including my life being saved!) and much healing for ‘others’. Since putting Ho’Oponopono into constant daily practice, I now make it a very central part of my teaching.
I recently did some Retreats both at Findhorn in Scotland and in the Yorkshire Dales, which were the most tremendously loving weekends, with lots of ‘light bulb’ moments occurring for everybody, mainly through the inspiration of the Ho’Oponopono teaching, and other practices. I am beyond grateful for Ho’Oponopono coming into my life and especially to all the people who attended the weekends who were so open to it’s ‘pearls’ so that many people experienced their own miracles!
In my future Retreats I will be especially focussing on Ho’Oponopono.
I teach Self-Enquiry first in order to gently dismantle the belief in a separate, personal identity.
This is followed by experiments that begin to tear down the layers of conditioning which cause us to believe that things are outside of us, and which arise from our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But even those five senses are ‘seen through’. It is so amazingly powerful to see that nothing that we perceive has any separate reality.This is how we see the ‘Ultimate’,God,Truth, in everything and everyone we perceive. When all descriptive labels are removed from what we are looking AT, then we realise that we can only, in that case, be looking IN.
For example, without all the descriptive labels we would use to describe a table, then what is it? It is simply an IDEA. Find out more about this and, experience properly and fundamentally, the joy of who you ARE – in the ‘table-ness’ aspect of your ultimate Being! It might not make any sense now, on reading it, but it will, once you do the experiments.

Choco Lite
Losing weight has never been so effective!
When we see beyond our common mistaken perceptions of an assumed world ‘out there’, then the meaning and significance of Ho’oponopon becomes accessible and much easier to grasp. And at this point, I am often dazzled by the awakening radiance of everyone’s ‘light bulb moments!’
I’d so love to share all this with you. It really is utterly fantastic and amazing. It is such a relief: it solves all problems and difficult situations more effectively and permanently than you could ever possibly imagine, and returns you ‘Home’ to the ‘peace & joy that passeth all understanding’.
More than anything I’ve ever shared before, Ho’Oponopono truly creates and reveals miracles, rapidly – and in many cases- instantly.
Here’s what people said about the last retreat:

“It was an enlightening weekend, wonderful!” KR.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!” YO.

“Since the Retreat I have noticed more and more that my judgements and my defence is futile and wasted energy.
So I use Ho’Oponopono to cleanse this unconscious reaction which has been automatic for years. I also know that I am blessed with a value of underlying happiness. Thank you for being courageous and loving in my life and teaching me varying choices which are blessed with God.
I am also grateful for all the kindness which is shown to me daily and which I am fortunate to SEE! Now how lovely is THAT! I believe my future is looking golden!” PW.

“Dear Mandi
It was so great to meet you and to experience your amazing teaching style! You are brilliant. I’m sure you must know just how transformational your sessions really are. What a wonderful service to bring about.” BH

“Hi Mandi
Thanks so much for the weekend workshop, it was a true revelation to experience your practical down to earth course which really brought me home to experiencing the true self so simply without the clutter of non dual speak. Practicing the technique has been beautiful and so loving, there is heart felt gratitude to you for all your work. Having no expectations at the beginning of the weekend there has been amazement at the spaciousness I now have experienced.” PH.

If you would like to attend the next Retreat please visit the ‘events’ page.
I continually offer Meetings and Residential Retreats and Skype sessions on the subject of Ho’Oponopono. Please email me: if you would like to have your name added to the list of people who would like to be notified, or fill in the form on the right hand column on the Home Page. (Or if you would like me to present a Retreat or meeting in your area.)

I offer a 6 week course in Ho’Oponopono practice where the aim is focus on removing the traps, habits, and recurring patterns in your life that are you holding you back from happiness. These issues may include subjects such as: over or underweight or poor body-image; financial problems; relationships; shyness or low self-esteem.. etc.
These sessions take place at my home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, or via one-to-one Skype sessions.
Individual sessions and follow-ups are 1hr in duration and cost £38 if paid via Paypal, or £35 if paid directly to my bank account. Please email me for details. Or, a 6 week course includes a 10% discount, costing: £189 if paid in advance. (please note this non-refundable.)


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