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No trace of Truth in a human face
Only the Love that fills all space

No ‘me’ over here
No ‘you’ over there
No person who can ‘be aware’
Liberation is here right now
No-one can possibly teach you how

To the restless mind this will never be clear
It’s beyond the reach of mortal ear
Being is found in the still, quiet space
Bearing witness of itself in every place
Yet there’s nowhere that it cannot be found
It’s both the silence and the sound.

It has many names, like ‘God’ or ‘Being’
Talked about in ‘glimpses’ and ‘seeing’
But all the while there’s no-thing to ‘see’
It’s simply found where there’s no-one to BE


by Mandi Solk


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'The Joy of No Self'

- New Book by Mandi Solk

Joy of Not Knowing

'The Joy of No Self' is really about seeing beyond the search for 'home'. There is no journey necessary because 'home', or 'Being' is all there is. Seeking can end right now, because Liberation is already the case. This book is an act of love using, words, pictures and poems to enable the reader to see the Truth of pure Being. When it is seen that there is no 'Self' - then there is no suffering. If there's 'nobody home' who is 'in there' to suffer? This is the Joy of No Self!

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Non-Duality is the seeing through the dream of apparent separateness.There are no separate individuals or objects. The belief that we are all separate from each other is the cause of all suffering.

As Tony Parsons puts it: ''All there is, is nothing being Everything.''
Therefore there are no such thing as ‘enlightened teachers/gurus’ because ‘liberation’ doesn’t ‘happen’ to a person. Liberation is already the case. How can anyone teach you to ‘BE?’

As I started to write this, the page stayed blank for ages because the very idea of having had a past, a ‘history’, no longer ‘computes’ . It is meaningless, because the idea of a past is a totally mind-made construct. However, for any interest it may serve, the following, is the story of this character, ‘Mandi’s’, ‘past’ that the mind has constructed, but please understand that what appeared to happen to 'me', is not a formula that can be used, and also that every word that talks about a 'past' or 'when 'I' was younger, IS JUST A PRESENT THOUGHT RIGHT NOW. THERE IS NO TIME AND THEREFORE NO PAST, NO FUTURE AND NO ME - THEREFORE : NO 'JOURNEY'. It's all a meaningless story, but just for fun, here it is anyway!

"From a very 'young ag'e there was a pre-occupation with the question: ‘Has this world been specially made just for me? Am I dreaming ‘it’ or is ‘it’ dreaming me?’

This was followed 'years later' by much searching and the usual round of various schools of meditation: TM; Dhama; Rama; Karma; Larma etc. then I persevered by studying Zen and Buddhism and then ‘Zen Buddhism’; Japanese Buddhism, other forms of Buddhism, including, for a while, studying to be a Buddhist teacher, then on to Taoist teachings.

'Next', I came to Christian Science which was very interesting, as it seemed to touch on the non-dualistic perspective. God wasn’t seen as some great being in the sky, instead, Mrs. Baker-Eddy, founder of Christian Science, had written 7 synonyms to describe God. These were: Love; Life; Truth; Mind; Principle; Soul; Spirit.
I also liked the Christian Science ‘Statement of Being’, which states:
‘There is no Life, Truth, intelligence nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation for God is All in All. Spirit is immortal Truth: matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal, matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God and man is his image and likeness. Therefore man is not material he is Spiritual”

Through Christian Science, I diligently studied for '20 years' to see that there weren’t any separate individuals only the dream of separateness caused by our ‘mortal mind’. However, although I gained absolute clarity and intellectual understanding through all this study, it was this very clarity that got in the way of my ever seeing ‘This’. The seeing was obscured because it is takes an expanded ‘seeing’ well beyond the confines of the mind, to see that there is no one here that can understand anything in the first place. This is a place where the mind can’t go and has to simply give up.

Also, like all religions, Christian Science demanded a great deal of strongly committed study; beliefs in certain ideals, (which I didn’t agree with,) also, the giving up of pleasurable substances (like tobacco and alcohol) etc. Although I didn’t drink or (eventually!) smoke, I didn’t like organizations and religions that enforced opinionated rules. What’s more, it seemed to me that a lot of Christian Scientists continually felt guilty if they weren’t ‘getting it’ clearly enough! (However, I have enormous respect for Christian Science as they are 'spot on' about many things concerning Non-Duality.)
So , I decided to leave the Christian Science religion, and continue my search for enlightenment, (still believing there was an ‘I’ who could get enlightened!)

'Then' I joined the ‘Be in the Now road-show’ and found that I could ‘be in the NOW’ for at least 3 mins at a time if I really put my ‘mind’ to it!

Finally, I came to read some 'Non-Duality' books. I read them hungrily, one after another in a week and when I got half way through one of them’, I woke up one morning – except there was no ‘I experienced’ and no-one was there. There was just a ‘Being-ness’ that was seen from everywhere simultaneously and not coming from the body on the bed, but the body on the bed was part of ‘it’ too. There was no location for a ‘me’ to exist – this was being no-thing and everything at the same time. This continued throughout the morning and actually I found it quite frightening – like I was going mad. As I bumped into people whom I knew when I walked round my town, they were all expecting me to be ‘in’ – ‘at home’ or at least located somewhere behind my eyes, but I just found it impossible to act like a person located in a body. But this may've 'ocurred' or not anyway, without reading the books, as it has in many other cases.

All this rather reminded me of a time, many years ago when I had a near-fatal motor-bike accident. Apparently, I had been thrown from my motor –bike by a car pulling out across my path, and my body plummeted right through the back to the front windscreen of the car. Both the bike and the car were ‘write-offs’ and I ended up seemingly dead on my back on the road, with a shocked crowd gathered around me gawping in horror.

Yet, my experience was very different indeed.

I experienced a floating upwards, and a growing realization that the objects around me (including people) were not solid at all and that absolutely NOTHING I’d ever worried or felt guilty about all my life, MATTERED! Whether it was ,people, bills, lovers, jobs, houses, war, cruelty, love and hate, poverty or riches, none of it mattered, etc. Then I just kept laughing – it was such an enormous relief and so incredibly FUNNY! It was wonderful, but soon enough, ‘thump’ and I opened my eyes and was on the ground looking up at the shocked people, and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I had no pain and I’d suffered no damage of any kind- not even a bruise or delayed shock. No one could believe it. In a way, there had been a death that day, but only of the apparent SELF – not of the body.

But this realisation or ‘seeing’ soon faded, just like the ‘waking up in the morning’ experience, described previously, and then there was a hankering after it for a while, followed by many more glimpses, such as turning over in bed and finding I was transparent – there was no substance to ‘me’. Or playing my piano and seeing that it was being played by no-one – there wasn’t an ‘I’ playing it, etc.

However, after these initial ‘glimpses ’, there was a gradual falling away of any interest in seeking after enlightenment and a seeing that all there is, IS awakeness – everywhere! And after, the seeking fell away, there was a continuing expansion of ‘aliveness’ taking place, until I saw that the perception of a ‘me’ at my centre, just wasn’t there any more, and I hadn’t even noticed. There was no further interest in reading non-duality books– just a simple enjoyment of whatever is going on at the time, whether it’s washing my hair, driving my car, watching TV, walking the dog, whatever! Just an easiness with whatever’s happening at the time and a real relief at seeing that there is no ‘I’ to make choices. Things simply arising and then disappearing again, like soap bubbles – just like an apparent ‘me’ writing this : it arose that this would get written, yet without any sense of a person choosing to do it, yet it effortlessly occurred anyway.

Although it appears that there was some sort of journey to a final destination here, this was not the case at all. It was simply that for me, when I read some books on 'Non-Duality' there felt a resonance, a relief , a sense of ‘coming home’. But all of this is only illustrating ‘my’ perspective, because there is no past and there is no future, this is just a construct of the mind,therefore there can be no method and no journey. All of that really is an illusion, a dream. There are plenty of people who have never walked a ‘Spiritual Path’ yet who have simply ‘woken’ up’ or had glimpses.

I still love to see and hear good communicators of 'Non-Duality' talk, therefore, I decided to invite speakers to come up to Yorkshire to come and give Talks for people in the North, and so ‘Non-Duality-North’ was born.

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