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See It NOW : Seeking v. LOOKING

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in Nonduality, Self-Enquiry | 2 comments

If you think of yourself as a ‘seeker’, you will be seeking all your life, because a ‘seeker’ seeks for something.
Instead, ‘ know thyself’ as a ‘looker’ – not looking for something, but looking AT, that which has never been lost.

From this perspective everything takes a 360 degree turn-around -instantly!
You are no longer ‘seeking for’, which subjects you to a life of looking outside yourself for Home’, instead you are looking directly AT ‘home’.

THE SEEKER: continually looks for the next teacher, the next book, video, audio, Satsang, practice, or ‘Nonduality Club’ where just the right phrase or sentence could possibly be heard that changes everything and suddenly brings about Liberation.
There is nothing wrong with this of course, and it cannot be helped anyway, BUT, so often this becomes an addiction to seeking, an obsession, as it also provides a great social life, or in the case of a ‘Silent Retreat’, a break from the ‘real world’. It may be fun, relaxing, or ‘take you out of yourself’ for a while but if allowed to go on too long, it actually becomes just another ‘comfort-zone’ keeping you trapped in the world of ‘pointers’ and never actually arriving.

THE LOOKER: looks at what they are already. Simple as that. They have made a decision to end all these years of looking for just the right ‘pointer’ from just the right teacher, and they have given up the search in favour of looking inwards, not outwards. Then they discover there was never anything outside anyway. It’s all been a hoax.

What is meant by ‘looking at?’ Looking at what?
It simply means looking directly at the pure awareness that you are, without the ‘you’ that you think you are. In other words, present sounds, sights, smells, tastes and feelings, both physical and emotional, none of which has ever come via matter – such as ears, eyes, body etc. It is only awareness, your pure aliveness that supplies your consciousness with all this information. It was never ‘you’ the person. And here is a great quote from Mary Baker Eddy : ‘ I – dentity is not an ‘entity’.

So now you are a ‘looker’ – looking AT. ‘ Regard’ is the French word for ‘ to look’ . You can only ‘ Regard’ or LOOK AT what is there already. But if you think it’s not there, if you feel you’ve lost something, then you are back into ‘seeking’ – seeking to find it again.
So take up this suggestion: Stop seeking for and start looking AT . Believe me when I tell you that this changes everything, as I said earlier, a complete 360 degree turn-around.

Whenever you notice thoughts roaring, allow them to roar but neutralise yourself from their magnetic pull – STOP being interested and simply notice their underlying vibrational current. Notice sounds, sights, bodily sensations, including those thought-currents, and then you are staring right AT pure awareness. If you are washing-up, stare at the hands in the sink. If you are tying on the computer, watch that. Better still, sit for a minute, or as long as you are able and notice everything. That which notices, is ‘you’ AS pure awareness, aliveness.

Aliveness is what you are, or else how is it possible for you to walk around without WIRES??? It is LIFE that is walking itself. LIFE that is hearing, feeling and seeing ITSELF.
So LOOK AT IT! Not outside of it. You will never see anything ‘ outside’ because that would mean it would have to be outside of your awareness, which is impossible because if you are not aware of it, then it cannot exist.

All this might sound like a very subtle change, but the emphasis on looking at rather than seeking for is Paramount and the difference between seeing and not seeing.

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Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Nonduality, Self-Enquiry | 0 comments

“Silence is the key to everything. Everything is answered by remaining silent, because only when we become aware of silence do we become aware of true Self. Adyashanti is 100% correct when he says: “the appropriate self-enquiry question arises out of awareness, not out of thinking”.

And we can always know if it is the right question: if it leads us directly back to silence. On the subtlest level, when we are lost in thought, there is definite contraction that can be felt inwardly and also ‘outwardly’ in a tensing of muscles around the eyes and face. When we are aware and thought-free, there is expansion and an immediate relaxing. And whatever we are doing, saying or involved in, the pure ground of our being, which is Silence, is always present amidst the noise and the action.
That which is witnessing, is I AM, pure awareness, and beyond that, is the witness of the witness. Enquiring into this is impossible for the mind, as it is beyond the mind.
The question: ‘ Can the see-er Itself be seen?’ When this question is ‘dropped in’, our enquiry goes very deep, and then this question acts like a tool that reveals something – or rather REMOVES something – this question, contemplated deeply, will eventually remove all the obstacles to clear-seeing, which is why Mooji calls it ‘ the Piranha question. It is as though the Light if your awareness touches another light – it is in fact Awareness, aware of Itself, and is of course, the same Light.”

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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

You cannot Be anything that I AM not Being
You cannot take anything I have ,because you already have It.
And you cannot say anything to me that isn’t coming out of me.
I am writing this as you are reading it.
If you don’t read, then there’s nothing written here. Try to undo it! You cant.
And you cannot undo what you ARE.
When you are loving me, I am loving you. We are inseparable.
There is nothing outside of THIS

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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Nonduality, Self-Enquiry | 4 comments

The strongest addiction, a million times more addictive than alcohol, heroin or any drug known to man, is thinking. You know this already. However we lose consciousness of this fact throughout the day all the time. You may’ve listened to many teachers say it. But have you really heard it so it sinks in?

Right now, become acutely conscious of this addiction because it is the most dangerous addiction of all, and everybody suffers from it. I’m not talking here about thoughts. There is a subtle difference between naturally arising thoughts that perpetually come and go, and the think-er.
Thoughts in themselves are harmless and we dont need to be afraid of them. It is the purchasing of thoughts that create a vicious train of thoughts within which we become entangled, like in a spider’s web.
But can we really stop getting pulled in? Yes, definitely, with practice and a bit of initial effort, which eventually becomes effort-less. Truly realising you are an addict, addicted to thinking will dramatically increase your awareness of the think-ing habit. As in every addict’s experience,the first step is in genuinely recognising and then admitting to oneself, the addiction.

Here’s are two examples from my own experiences. This first one is when I was an unconscious thought-addict.
I’d had a major knee operation and was living alone. I was in the kitchen and trying to get something out of a low cupboard. Everything fell out at once, and it was agony trying to put it all back and a slow business. Following this, the frustration caused spillages whilst making a hot drink, caused by more objects flying out of the cupboard above. I screamed with huge frustration, and then sat down and cried about how hard it was to manage all by myself, and then I bought into an ever-lasting chain of ‘poor me’ thoughts that carried on throughout the day.

The second experience was very similar, but with one marked difference: I was now a conscious ex-addict, so there was an instant recognition of the thoughts up ‘For Sale’ and a natural ability to drop any temptation to ‘buy’ and be pulled in that direction:

Owning to severe hip-problems, practical living had become very challenging. Trying to take a mug from a cupboard above, everything fell out.
Then I spilt some milk. Finally, trying to put something back into a lower cupboard, everything fell out of that one too! So I decided to scream big-time and let it all go, but straight afterwards in one quick instant, I noticed a miserable thought racing head-long towards me combined with a compulsion to race towards IT and ‘buy’ it, but I also immediately saw, and with crystal-clarity, that this was indeed pure addiction to my next miserable thought, just like an addict might have for their next ‘fix’. I didn’t buy it and instead, just sat down with the underlying vibration of the feeling, and let it pass, which it did in a matter of seconds. This was followed by comfort and peace. Previously, I would’ve sunk into the ‘poor me, I cant manage’ kind of thinking. But without adding thoughts to feelings, there is no fuel being added to the fire and so even ‘sad’ feelings fade in a matter of moments.
Freedom does not mean that sad or bad feelings don’t arise, it just means they can’t stay around. There’s no-where for them to ‘hang their hat’.

And this is the only difference between a so-called Sage or Master and a ‘seeker': these guys know the addictive nature of thought, have seen through them and ignore them, till required. They are no longer in the market for ‘buying’.

Are you still buying? Have you been ‘in denial’ about being an addict?
Humility, can bring real breakthrough which can only occur when we come out of denial. Like for any addict, the first step, is seeing this fundamental truth. And the first step is also the last step and vice-verca, as there are no steps. ‘Seeing’ is always happening in this very moment. No-one has ever taken their last step- this can never happen. If you think you have taken your last step or ever hear anyone say that they have, bang goes humility and that really is the end – but not in a good way! It ends any hope of ever becoming an ex thought-addict, because Ego, which is just elevated self-belief, supplies increasing fuel to the fire of ‘being a person’ which equates with a very busy mind.
Something that can be guaranteed is this: every single time you resist the huge temptation to buy a thought – either a miserable OR a positive thought (as thoughts can quickly go either way) – there is a reward. There is! That which rewards you is that which you ARE beyond thought: God – the I AM of your perfect Being. When you stop ‘buying’, especially buying the temptation to get deep down and thoroughly miserable, a gap – a space- is created through which God can be tangibly felt. Peace can get in. In fact Peace was never ‘out’ since Peace is the bottom line – the real ‘you’.

So once this addiction to thinking is truly seen through and there is real awareness of it as a very real addiction, then the tendency to get pulled into it gradually lessens as the compulsion to ‘purchase’ is seen too quickly to take hold.
And there-in lies the Freedom that everyone is talking about and searching so hard for. It comes down to this one pure thing: becoming an ex thought-addict.

And just before I get loads of comments about ‘suppression’, we are not talking here about ‘suppressing’ anything . We are not trying to squash anything down or ‘sit on our hands’.
For instance if someone dies who we care deeply about, or if anything sad, upsetting or shocking happens, indeed we will grieve. We feel the feelings, dive deeply into the underlying vibrations and literally ‘ feel it out’. We don’t however need to add words to the feelings – it is far more effective and authentic to simply feel. But if a roar of thoughts arise immediately following the feelings, we must investigate: ‘Who is the me who is thinking this? Or: ‘To whom do these thoughts arise?’ Or ‘Where am I?’
It is only these type of investigative questions that leads us back to spaciousness, to the peace of ‘no-body home’, to who we really are beyond thought. If a question leads only to another thought, just drop it and keep quiet.

So in summary, recognise and admit the addiction. See it so sharply that eventually this witnessing arises at exactly the right time: observing the beginnings of a thought-chain coming racing towards you! The minute you notice it, even (and especially) if it’s half-way through a thought-chain – DON’T BUY IT and eventually, there WIILL be a switch-over from person to Presence.

The result? Freedom. Thoughts will never go away and that is not the object. They are very useful of course when we need to think through any project, but other than that, they will become like a gentle vibrating frequency in the background of life. We let them buzz gently without listening to what they are buzzing about.

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‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ is meaningless and unnecessary

Posted by on Jan 4, 2013 in Uncategorized | 12 comments

There is really only one thing to do with so call suffering – it is to find out who is the one WHO suffers, over and over, until there is true ‘dissolving’.Sit down and stay quiet and instantly ask ‘ to whom are these thoughts arising?’ or just ‘who?’ And really look. Even if you are on the move or working and can’t sit and shut your eyes, do it in the moment wherever you are – but really look. Then just keep coming back to the sense of ‘I’ – just that inherent sense of your plain existence.
Just ‘I’. This always ‘pulls you in’ to the pure spaciousness of what you are, because the ‘I’ has no content.

There doesn’t have to be any ‘ dark nights of the Soul’ either, although it can seem that way, because like a miner, as we drill deeper, we can hit hard nuggets of rock – or ‘old stuff’ re- surfacing, which seems to get more relentless for a while – like rocks that wont budge. So, the moment you hit these ‘rocky times’ you must allow yourself to really feel the fear, anxiety, anger or whatever arises, as soon as you can, BUT, drop all the ‘language’ about it – (the words of the thoughts) and focus intently on the actual feeling – that is, the VIBRATION. Where is the feeling vibrating? Is it in your tummy? Head? Throat? Now when you’ve found it, have the courage to sink deeply into it until that’s all there is. Go down so deeply into it (wordlessly) that you shake with it. I can promise you that when you do this, you will come out the other side of it in minutes, often in under a minute. That’s because in Being, our True nature, there is no foundation for it. Our true nature is purely Benign – pure Love and fear is no part of it. Fear, anxiety, nightmares have NO SOURCE and are always illusion and have no reality in Truth so cannot last when faced head-on – when looked in the eye. Fear is an absolute imposter which can only persist when it’s NOT looked at – because then it is not ‘seen through’. But when we really look – without listening to the words, but instead go deeper, right into the underlying vibration that the very listening to the words have been causing, we see and experience their total nothingness, and then all that remains is peace.

Do this again and again the very second you notice the beginning of inner discomfort, and thoughts will lose all of their ‘bite’. They are powerless unless you give them power by buying their stories.

We have no need to fear loneliness or isolation either. There is no true isolation in all of this dropping away of our identity because in coming to recognise what we are and what we are not, it is slowly and lovingly being revealed that what we are and have always been, is pure LOVE, forever embraced in GOD, because we ARE that which embraces us. RIGHT NOW! Nothing else is true.

So when thoughts come up that are not joyful or peaceful – they are liars. Thoughts by their very nature can never be relied on. Positive thoughts can soon turn to negative and are always changing from happy to sad etc. Mostly meaningless rubbish. That’s why we must always go to the underlying vibration – underneath the thought – in order to get beyond it. What we are IS beyond thought, but we have to find this out.

Eventually this becomes automatic because there becomes a switch-over wherein the spaciousness of pure Presence becomes the dominant factor in your life, and thoughts, merely vibrations in the background, and the Light of our being sees them so fast, before they’ve time to take a hold, that they are instantly dissolved, so that we are never afraid of thought.
As Ramana Maharshi said:
“I leave my human life to unfold according to it’s destiny – I remain as I AM”

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You ARE your are-ness

Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Nonduality | 0 comments

That which you ARE cannot be outside your ‘ARE-NESS’.
It’s like crying ‘ I want to be free! I want to be free!’ Yet the mind that asks this will never be free, and that’s the joke. ‘Being’ is FREE NOW! It is already the case.
‘You’ are free. Freedom is what you ARE.

“It’s like you have been sitting in the front seat of a car and believing that you are the driver,
And you have kept yourself in first gear- always itching to lunge forward and ‘change up’ – get ahead. But ‘ Being’ is always in neutral. Through ‘staying neutral’ – as pure consciousness – a shift happens: you begin to see that you’ve never been the driver, and there’s no need to go any place because right here is the best place. You can’t go anywhere anyhow – there’s nowhere to go!
‘Little you’ has been sitting inside a much greater ‘you’ – the YOU that is pure Being, John Wheeler has described it by saying : ‘ its as if you are looking up at the Sun but you have raised your hand and put your thumb up in front of it and then complain you can’t see it, when all you have to do is drop your hand.”

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