Hitting the rocks of heavy emotions or vibrations

It is natural, of course, that when we seek alignment with our Source, that sometimes we hit the ‘rocks’. The rocks are the old sense of personal identity which surface from time to time. These ‘rocks’ actually show us that we are on the correct path, otherwise we wouldn’t be aware of them. However, vibrationally it is not a good place to stay in because it can really lead to us getting stuck.

But firstly, we need to spend a short time releasing these feelings , because it is necessary to let go of resistance. If you need to really cry or scream, just do it, but DO NOT ADD THOUGHT TO IT.
AFTER, you have allowed yourself to let go of the emotions, then you can write down thoughts that you genuinely believe, so that you can take yourself across the bridge to much more positive feelings, or ‘vibrations’. For example:
1.) Although I feel sore, and ‘heavy’ , I know that this too will pass, because I have seen it pass many, many times before.
2.)Who is it that is really in pain anyway? So, ‘who’ will the pain pass FOR?
3.) I know that there is no person who is in pain because I AM pure Being, and my actual Being is incapable of feeling pain. So any pain that is being experienced are just remainders and reminders of past conditioning – of believing I am a separate identity. I dont need to keep ‘meeting up with’ these old thoughts, because they know longer resonate with who I now know myself to be. If I see one of those old thoughts or beliefs appearing, I can immediately run in completely the other direction. And, I know that it is only when I think I am separate, that I feel pain. If I feel lonely, sad or discouraged, it is just a false belief of being separate from the whole.
4.) I choose to feel better and I can do this right now by closing my eyes and spending 15 minutes just simply sensing the ‘I’ of my Being.

‘You’ are free right NOW and when you are back in Alignement with what IS, such a peace comes flooding back.

Also, I saw a brilliant little video today, which is particularly useful if you are giving yourself a hard time about faults you think you have, or if you are doing far too much ‘weeding of your garden’ – weeding your own ‘garden’ for ‘stuff’. The minute you watch this, I think you will feel a real relaxing and releasing. I hope you enjoy it:



You ARE your are-ness

That which you ARE cannot be outside your ‘ARE-NESS’.
It’s like crying ‘ I want to be free! I want to be free!’ Yet the mind that asks this will never be free, and that’s the joke. ‘Being’ is FREE NOW! It is already the case.
‘You’ are free. Freedom is what you ARE.

“It’s like you have been sitting in the front seat of a car and believing that you are the driver,
And you have kept yourself in first gear- always itching to lunge forward and ‘change up’ – get ahead. But ‘ Being’ is always in neutral. Through ‘staying neutral’ – as pure consciousness – a shift happens: you begin to see that you’ve never been the driver, and there’s no need to go any place because right here is the best place. You can’t go anywhere anyhow – there’s nowhere to go!
‘Little you’ has been sitting inside a much greater ‘you’ – the YOU that is pure Being, John Wheeler has described it by saying : ‘ its as if you are looking up at the Sun but you have raised your hand and put your thumb up in front of it and then complain you can’t see it, when all you have to do is drop your hand.”


Addressing Physical Pain

No matter what anyone says, as long as we are living a human experience and have a body, (no matter how ‘apparent’) , there will be aches, pains and diseases. I myself have Chronic Arthritis all over my body and in fact am going to have a Hip Replacement in April.

Ramana Maharshi died of cancer, and there is no teacher or Sage on this earth who hasn’t encountered disease or pain, and we all die of something. Even Mary Baker Eddy who founded Christian Science and whom Louise Hay was a student of in her early life, was also was in extreme pain for the latter part of her life. And Mrs. Eddy she was a great advocate of ‘ we have no body for we are Spiritual in substance’.

When we know ourself as I AM – pure Being and not ‘ little me’ , we see that pain is simply happening for no-one. In other words its not personal. This understanding that nothing is personal is tremendously important. The pain that is being felt – is simply felt – it is not being SUFFERED. There has to be a very strong sense of the personal to feel that ‘ you’ are suffering. Suffering has to be CAUSED. But no-one has caused you to suffer and you haven’t caused yourself to suffer by any kind of wrong thinking. Thinking by its very nature is always wrong, that’s why Self-Enquiry is so important to do because it takes us directly to the I Am of our Being, bypassing thought, till eventually thoughts are completely seen through and the stories are no longer ‘purchased’ by us.

If we go into thought itself by trying to investigate what thoughts we are having that is causing our suffering, we simply induce more thought.

My greatest joy is freedom from the mind and anything else that occurs, even pain is completely fine. There is no longer any need to change the situation because there is no one ‘suffering’ but pain still happens, but its more seen as sensation because it remains un-judged – there’s simply no drama. And this same seeing is available to you too and that is why I strongly recommend Self-Enquiry practice, because it is only through looking directly at Source, (God, Being) that we see that we already ARE that.


Self Enquiry

When people start ‘Self-Enquiring’, they can find themselves tangled back up in the mind by getting themselves confused with all the different types of questions various teachers, (including myself), have guided them to use.

Questions such as: ‘ I AM’ or ‘ Who am I?’ & ‘ To whom are these thoughts arising? Or ‘ ‘Who is the thinker?’ etc.

These are all great questions , but if you try and think of them all at once then confusion sets in and a busy mind. This of course defeats the whole object of enquiring.

Basically, keep quiet and when a thought arises, just see if an enquiry question naturally appears and go with that. The result should be immediate and lead straight back to spaciousness, and this is the CRUCIAL thing. If the question you’ve asked DOESN’T lead back to spaciousness, but instead leads to another thought – then drop it immediately and just keep quiet. Eventually, this will lead to an automatic dropping of thoughts, and the magnetic pull of all the stories are seen through before they have a chance to ‘bite’ and take hold. This is assured.



No trace of Truth in a human face
Only the Love that fills all space.

Being is found in that still, quiet space.
Bearing witness of itself in every place
Yet there’s nowhere that it cannot be found
It’s both the silence and the sound.

It has many names, like ‘God’ or ‘Being’
Talked about in ‘glimpses’ and ‘seeing’
But all the while there’s no-thing to ‘see’
It’s simply found where there’s no-one to BE


What is Nonduality?

Nonduality is the seeing through the dream of apparent separateness.There are no separate individuals or objects. Identifying with our thoughts which gives rise to the belief that we are all separate from each other and separate from God, Presence, is the cause of all suffering.

When we look at life through the lens of God/Presence – through the microscope of Being we see fully, but when we look through the filter of human mind, we see only the partial view of things. This is what is meant by the biblical phrase: ‘through a glass darkly’. The human view is limited and obscures the brilliant light of the the true picture – or reality. The human view reverses the Truth in every case and sees only doubt where there is certainty; dark where there is only Light; alone-ness instead of All-One-ness;  lack where there is only abundance and Divine provision; and fear and hate where there is only Love.

Whatever the negative appearance might be, it is always erroneous, because Being is always STILL and nothing happens. The mind however is always busy conjuring up negative thought-pictures which appear as separation and suffering. But the one thing we can absolutely rely on, is who we truly are – our real, glorious, perfect, still, Being. This is what we can always refer back to in order to see the Truth in every life situation.

If we ask the question: ‘Who am I?’ – we cannot find any personal identity. We need this wonderful self-referral system so that we can avoid having ‘the wool pulled over our eyes’ by the dense weave of our thoughts, the ‘veil’ through which we must eventually see beyond. All there is, is No-thing being Every-thing.


Beyond the Appearance of Suffering

Suffering doesn’t and cannot exist in Reality and by Reality I am talking about Being – Presence – our True nature, God. From the human point of view the pictures of suffering are horrific and appear very real, but when we look through the lens of Spirit, we are looking above and beyond the human picture to the root of our Being, which always remains untouched. We can only discern this Divine Peace from looking within and finding out.