imageFINDHORN RETREAT TESTIMONIALS 2014 Findhorn Retreat March 2014

( aka: FR 14) GAIL SHAW organiser:
“Dearest Mandi,
Thank you so much for coming – it was really a great visit and such a surprise, and fun! I was looking for my self this morning and without thoughts, memories, feelings, conditioning, memory,perceptions, etc., there is just nothing. What a big joke, we spend our lives making ourselves up into something, only to de-construct as you say. It is very freeing to just see what is going to happen without effort to try to “be” something, or someone, which seems an impossible task. Because how can you ever be something out of nothing. And, to stop looking for a feeling, or a state, or peace, or anything is also a relief. Your aliveness and the ability not to care about what other people think truly helped me see that in letting go of virtually everything there is just what is going to happen. I will stay in touch, thank you for the offering of your loving, kind self to us, or should I say “no-self!”
XXXX Gail”

Phil T.
“Hi Mandi
Thanks so much for the Findhorn weekend workshop, it was a true revelation to experience your practical down to earth course which really brought me home to experiencing the true self so simply without the clutter of non dual speak. Practicing face to no face today has been beautiful and so loving, there is heart felt gratitude to you for all your work. Having no expectations at the beginning of the weekend there has been amazement at the spaciousness I now have experienced. Bless, Phil ”
Barbara H
“Dear Mandi
It was so great to meet you and to experience your amazing teaching style! You are brilliant. I’m sure you must know just how transformational your sessions really are. What a wonderful service to bring about.
Love and more love, Barbara”

Liz O
“Dear Mandi
I hoped your wings weren’t too tired by the time you got home and thought you deserved those, and a halo to go with them, for being so terrific this weekend. It really lifted me and I was so glad I had gone – though I never really hesitated about it. Can’t wait till the next time! Lots of love Liz”

Testimonials from Skype Sessions

From Ged Mannix 26/11/13
“The session with Mandi made me realize that I am still present when ‘my’ body disappears. I felt I was being guided by a sure hand to visualize my boundlessness. I found it to be a very emotional process at times as I
was allowed to admit that I am infinite awareness. There was an unusual sensation like cold water flowing over my chest. The after effects of the session were increased awareness that I appear as all things.”

From Colin Winborn on Tuesday 26/11/13

“Thanks SO much for our ‘Wakey Wakey’ session yesterday — I feel clear and at ease today! Life just seems to be taking care of Itself. Why let thought interfere? Have also been looking without concepts — noticing that (without a thought) there is no ‘looker’ and ‘looked at’ — just a seamless looking. Right now ‘I’ am the screen!
It’s interesting at work: the seemingly ‘stressful’ situations come up — but where is the stress/ problem apart from in thought?
You communicate with such clarity, love and joy.
It seems important to be alert to any assumptions that might come in: about so-called ‘my’ experience compared to (so-called!) other people’s; about what ‘awakening’ is; about what ‘oneness’ ‘should’ feel like. Who is there to care? It happens as it happens. Nobody’s rowing; the boat just goes with the current.

The session itself was so effective: you use a range of powerful inquiries, coming at the stubborn sense of ‘me’ from a range of different angles; but also — importantly — pointing beautifully to our real nature. And you keep coming back to what is true in direct experience, rather than thought’s tyrannical versions of it.

On a side-note: I also slept well that night, for the first time in quite a while!

Perhaps what struck home most forcefully is ‘here, now’-ness of What Is: there is only what is immediately here, and this moment is really and truly the only one. Which of course I have read many times, but it came home on Sunday. THIS is it! There is no elsewhere/ else-when! I am taking frequent, short moments to notice this.

And the simplicity of it, too … thought can get so busy trying to square one teaching with another, one ‘version’ of awareness with another, one practice (or non-practice) with another … such activity keeps it spinning like a washing machine on a crazy, never-ending cycle. By pointing so directly to immediate experience — and repeatedly insisting that interest in thought needs to be dropped — it became clear that it is all Here: a play of sensation and perception arising in and as awareness, which itself remains changeless and unaffected. Awareness itself never struggles with — or even knows — concepts!
A wonderful and deep inquiry overall. Thank you, Mandi!”

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