Although I am known for mainly writing and speaking about Nonduality/ Self-Enquiry, I am less known for being a qualified Assemblage Point Practitioner. I have hesitated to mention it, because at one point it seemed like this facet of my working life was passing away. However, it has now arisen again and many people are coming to me to receive this unique treatment. And as they are coming through no effort on my part, I assume I am supposed to continue with it after all!

Because of this I have decided to explain all about it and it’s place in assisting many people to attain a quiet enough mind to approach direct looking, or Self-enquiry and because I find a passion for shifting Assemblage Points once again.

So what is the Assemblage Point?

If anyone has ever read the Carlos Castaneda books of the 1960’s they might have seen the Assemblage Point mentioned ( I will refer to it as the ‘AP’ sometimes) which was described as being the point where all the Life-force assembles in the human energy body, as a whirling vortex residing in the centre of the chest. ( Nothing to do with ‘Chakras’) And as long as the ‘AP’ does stay in the centre of the chest, the result is a totally balanced being in every respect: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the feeling of which is freedom-Liberation -an Enlightened Being. This anyway has been the legend of the Assemblage Point for hundreds of years, mainly through the writings of Shamanism, that a centred AP equates to enlightenment.

In the 1960s, there was one person, Dr. John Whale, who was also an engineer of high-precision medical instruments, and who became passionate about finding out if there was any truth in the myth of the Assemblage Point. Did it actually exist? And if it can be found, what would it mean for humanity?
So he studied the AP for the next 40 years eventually taking his work into a clinical environment working with a Physicist and a team of British Doctors. And in the year 2000 the Assemblage Point was definitely located in Dr. Whale’s colleague, Dr. Angela Blaen, who now trains all Assemblage Practitioners throughout the world. See her website:

If an Assemblage Point is fractured, split, or away from the centre of the chest where it should reside from the age of 16yrs onwards, it can cause havoc with the mind and emotions. Eg: grief or bad memories that continue to sting; anxiety; stress; depression, fear and rage etc. and unless the AP is re-aligned, life continues to be perceived through un-balanced lenses.
A good way to describe life before and after an Assemblage Point Re-Alignement is this way:
Imagine a bicycle wheel. The centre of the wheel turns slowly and effortlessly, then there are spokes running in all directions to the outer rim which turns very quickly and collects all the mud, leaves and dirt.
If we become obsessed with worries and too much interest in our thoughts, we keep on leaving Source, the centre of the wheel, until we are literally splattered all over the spokes and often reach the outside of the wheel, where there is no turning back, and are permanently covered in mud. We have lost our centre and we have forgotten how it feels to be ‘home’ or how to get back to it. This well describes a split or fragmented AP or and un-centred Assemblage Point- WE then tend to feel split or fragmented in daily life.

But once the AP is centred, the recipient feels like they have come home – like something has been put back into place. And the sense of balance that is felt is life-changing and permanent.
When we are centred, we come to see that no-one is AT the centre, and then the magic begins and even people who were hitherto completely uninterested in Nonduality, come to it instinctively.

In fact, when I began ‘Nonduality-North’ some years back, a large majority of my database of people began to attend these Satsangs as a direct result of having had their Assemblage Point re-aligned.
The initial session is £70 and lasts for approx. two hours. And because the Assemblage Point is energetic in substance, it takes some months to stabilise. Therefore, you will be required to have it re-aligned just a few times during the year, until it has thoroughly established itself in the centre. Subsequent appointments are usually arranged as follows: 2nd appointment, 3 – 4 weeks after 1st ; then 2 months later; 3 months later, then 6 months later. This is ideal, but if this is not possible owing to reasons of distance or finances, there will still be enormous change for the better even after one or two treatments, depending on your individual circumstances.
These follow-on sessions cost £60 and last approx one and a half hours.

At the bottom of this page, I have made a little video about the Assemblage Point.

I like to make a personal connection with people when arranging the first session, so if you would like to make a booking, email me at: and please provide me with your phone number so I can ring you and have a chat with you before your session. Or you can ring me directly on : 01484 535371.
If you would like to find out more about The Assemblage Point, please visit my other website: Just click on the ‘Assemblage Point’ tab on the column on the left-hand side.

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