What is Nonduality?

Nonduality is the seeing through the dream of apparent separateness.There are no separate individuals or objects. Identifying with our thoughts which gives rise to the belief that we are all separate from each other and separate from God, Presence, is the cause of all suffering.

When we look at life through the lens of God/Presence – through the microscope of Being we see fully, but when we look through the filter of human mind, we see only the partial view of things. This is what is meant by the biblical phrase: ‘through a glass darkly’. The human view is limited and obscures the brilliant light of the the true picture – or reality. The human view reverses the Truth in every case and sees only doubt where there is certainty; dark where there is only Light; alone-ness instead of All-One-ness; lack where there is only abundance and Divine provision; and fear and hate where there is only Love.

Whatever the negative appearance might be, it is always erroneous, because Being is always STILL and nothing happens. The mind however is always busy conjuring up negative thought-pictures which appear as separation and suffering. But the one thing we can absolutely rely on, is who we truly are – our real, glorious, perfect, still, Being. This is what we can always refer back to in order to see the Truth in every life situation.

If we ask the question: ‘Who am I?’ – we cannot find any personal identity. We need this wonderful self-referral system so that we can avoid having ‘the wool pulled over our eyes’ by the dense weave of our thoughts, the ‘veil’ through which we must eventually see beyond. All there is, is No-thing being Every-thing.

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One thought on “What is Nonduality?

  1. I just loved this – BEING is always still. That’s where the endless beauty enters and identification with thoughts blocks that effortless wonder.

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