You ARE your are-ness

That which you ARE cannot be outside your ‘ARE-NESS’.
It’s like crying ‘ I want to be free! I want to be free!’ Yet the mind that asks this will never be free, and that’s the joke. ‘Being’ is FREE NOW! It is already the case.
‘You’ are free. Freedom is what you ARE.

“It’s like you have been sitting in the front seat of a car and believing that you are the driver,
And you have kept yourself in first gear- always itching to lunge forward and ‘change up’ – get ahead. But ‘ Being’ is always in neutral. Through ‘staying neutral’ – as pure consciousness – a shift happens: you begin to see that you’ve never been the driver, and there’s no need to go any place because right here is the best place. You can’t go anywhere anyhow – there’s nowhere to go!
‘Little you’ has been sitting inside a much greater ‘you’ – the YOU that is pure Being, John Wheeler has described it by saying : ‘ its as if you are looking up at the Sun but you have raised your hand and put your thumb up in front of it and then complain you can’t see it, when all you have to do is drop your hand.”

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